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Helfer Watches, began in Geneva,Switzerland in 2001 by a Swiss native Mr. Livio Helfer.

With a love for all things luxury Livio wanted to create a brand that embodied the quality, style and incomparable design the Swiss are so famous for, but without the expensive price tag. 

So Helfer Watches was born, with a mission to bring affordable luxury to the world.

Helfer Watches offer an amazing collection for discerning and successful people.

All Helfer Watches are made with only the best materials, made by hand, with attention to detail and longevity – so in theory you can use a ‘Swiss made’ watch for an entire lifetime – or, several! 
Offering high standards of finishes such as sapphire anti-reflective glass, making them incredibly scratch resistant. We use a range of high performance automatic movements, with offer some quartz watches too and offer a 3 year International Warranty. 
Many watches are delivered with 2 interchangeable straps, we have a patented QCSS (Quick Change Strap System) and all watches are delivered in a beautiful presentation case.

Helfer is a recognised brand world wide with 21 international locations, and has now recently opened offices in Sydney, Australia.

Why own a Helfer Timepiece?

‘Swiss made’ is a term that is applied to some of the world’s most well-crafted and reliable products. But, what does it mean when it comes to watches? The term applies primarily to the build quality and movement behind the construction of the timepiece. It is also a legal standard. ‘Swiss made’ watches are afforded the title under law. These laws were codified in 1971 and revised in 1995 in (you guessed it) – the nation of Switzerland.

A watch is determined to be ‘Swiss made’ by law only if it meets a specific set of conditions. The first is that the movement is of Swiss origins (movement refers to the mechanics behind the watch keeping time), the second is that this movement is encased on a location within the borders of the nation of Switzerland, and the third is that the manufacturer carries out the final inspection on the watch within this same mother-land.

With that in mind, know that when you purchase Helfer, you purchase quality beyond its years.

“Our values are love and passion. We cannot exist without love and we can not create without passion.”


You have come to the home of Helfer. Our watches are Swiss-made, luxurious and distinctive time pieces you can afford.

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